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Pre Purchase/Post Repair Inspection - Color match, over spray, runs , fish-eyes and other imperfections should be taken care of by the body shop before they return your car to you, but many of the problems with re-paints are not readily noticeable (or are covered up with quick fill waxes or hidden by bad lighting at delivery) to the owner - you're just happy to finally have your car back! A Post Repair Inspection at our shop, under our lighting will allow you to see many small imperfections that you would not see even in bright sunlight.

This is best done by bringing the vehicle to our shop because of the lighting and may take up to two hours - especially if it is necessary to give it a quick wash to allow a thorough inspection. If this is not possible, Mike can travel to the vehicle location (within a limited area) and inspect it as well as conditions permit, with advance notice.

Required time +/- 2 hours - $125.00

Show preparation -We are knowledgeable in all forms of show prep. As there are many variable involved prior consultation will be needed to best address your requirements.

Required time 48 hours +/- $ varies, consultation required

***PLEASE NOTE*** We do reserve the right to take photos before/during/after services on your vehicle for use on this website and social media for the purpose of promoting our services and the great products we use. Please indicate if this will be a concern for you and we will not use your vehicle photos.

All pricing is based on a single stage correction and is subject to change based on condition of vehicle.

Listed prices effective 06/01/2019 Payment by cash, check or securely online with credit/debit card payment through your QuickBooks Invoice.