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What we feel a true professional detailing service entails:

1. Customer service: Begins with that first contact and there is a lot of information we can impart over the phone or via email as far as general information and setting up an appointment. However we greatly encourage you to stop by the shop - we would enjoy discussing with you in person the condition of your vehicle, and more importantly, your specific concerns so that together we can come up with a plan of action to bring the overall condition of your vehicle to the highest level possible - or let you know if some of your concerns are even able to be safely corrected with detailing or would need other professional repair. This also affords us the opportunity to meet and get to know you!

2. Proper environment: We have built our shop at our home specifically to be a detail shop. Water, compressed, heated air and climate control are built in. Most importantly with the proper lighting to make minute correction possible - over 1300 watts of LED daylight lighting along with natural, hand held and floor based devices to provide even more lighting so that every defect in your paint becomes visible and can be corrected.

3.Proper tools and products: We employ the latest in technology both in the processes and the tools we use to accomplish our details, and in the products we use to create that beautiful finish.

 Should you request a full interior detailing (extra fee required) it will include a complete vacuuming including cabin interior, trunk and console storage areas, all interior surfaces will be cleaned and protected with the correct product - leaving your interior factory fresh, not overly deodorized and greasy. Carpets, mats and upholstery will be shampooed by hand, not with an extractor which will break down the fibers of the material.

     Rims are cleaned thoroughly with pH balanced cleaner that will not damage high performance brake systems. Wheel wells are cleaned with a citrus based degreaser.

We will hand clean the engine bays on show or newer vehicles. All work will be done with the appropriate cleaners and strictly by hand - no steam cleaners or pressure washers which will cause damage to electrical components, etc. We will not do this on vehicles with any great amount of mileage.

A spray decontamination process will remove small iron particulates (brake dust from the road surfaces) that cause those small orange dots seen easily on lighter cars. These products actually break down the metal to make it easy to rinse away without causing damage to your paint.

Your vehicle will be properly washed by hand employing a Zero Bucket Method which guards agains micro marring and 'car wash scratches"

Once thoroughly rinsed, your car will be dried using heated, filtered air to remove all moisture from the cracks and crevices, inside mirrors, etc. and wiped down with clean micro fiber towels. (**NOTE** we launder our towels and wash mitts here to be certain they are not contaminated by washing at a commercial facility where they might be grouped in with repair shop towels that may contain hard particles and debris. We use a laundry soap made specifically for micro fiber towels and no fabric softener which causes streaking.)

Painted surfaces are then clay barred to remove any bonded contaminate, tar or tree sap not removed in the wash process. 

Every inch of the painted surface of your vehicle will be minutely inspected. Paint thickness will be measured on every panel - you cannot start polishing paint without knowing how much is there to work with.

Then the real fun begins - polishing the painted surfaces of your vehicle. We employ professional grade only systems that are designed to be used for perfecting automotive paint, not the buffers that have traditionally been used by detailers which are meant for woodworking applications.

We start with a one step polish which will achieve approximately 90% defect removal. Generally most new or newer vehicles will need no more than this, however if the condition of your paint warrants more aggressive steps we will discuss this with you prior to beginning work on your vehicle, and we will tell you if some of the deeper defects cannot be safely removed while protecting the integrity of the paint.

At this point all that remains is deciding what type of finish to put on this gleaming painted surface to protect it.

4. Proper technique: Proper technique and knowledge of the tools and products used is vital in a professional detailing. Using dirty or incorrect tools can cause scratching, swirls and any number of horrendous results. Using the wrong chemical or using improper technique with a tool can cause irreparable damage to surfaces. 

At The Shine Shop Mike uses only state of the art, 'top shelf' quality tools and products to care for your vehicle - no 55 gallon drums of cheap product here.

For some of our coating finishes we use an infrared (IR) curing system to achieve a full cure and hardness level within minutes instead of the days needed without the IR. The IR lamps provide a harder barrier, a more consistent finish and a higher gloss as well.  

Mike has been detailing cars for over 40 years as a hobby, and for more than 20 years on a daily basis as a business. He has taken formal classroom training and spent countless hours on the internet or with other trained professionals honing his skills and deepening his knowledge. This is not just something he does for a paycheck - this is his passion and he takes the final result of his work very seriously.

5. Security and peace of mind: Our shop as well as our home is secured with proper outdoor lighting, motion detectors, cameras and 24/7 wireless monitoring by ADT. Our business is set up as a 'Sole Proprietorship' and we have a 'Garage Keepers Policy' much like your mechanical repair shop does. If you would like a copy of our Certificate of Insurance we will be happy to provide you with the contact information to obtain it. (***PLEASE NOTE*** We do reserve the right to take photos before/during/after services here to use on this website and in social media for the purpose of promoting our services. Please indicate if this will be a concern for you and we will not use photos of your vehicle.)

6. Customer service (again!): Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. From having any of your questions answered during that initial phone call or email, to consulting with you and going over your vehicle to come up with the proper plan of action to make your detailing experience all that you expect, to following up with you after you have taken your beautifully detailed vehicle home we will be here. For at least the first several times we care for your vehicle you will receive a follow up phone call or email - we don't just turn the lights out at the end of the day and forget about the people we have met and hope to see again!