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***Please note*** Mike will do what is needed to make your vehicle as close to new or better than new condition as is possible. We schedule only one vehicle at a time - your vehicle will receive undivided attention for however long it takes to bring it to Mike's standards - it is not worked on in between other quicker jobs or given to an employee to complete. Prices quoted here are based on a one polish system using the appropriate polishes needed for the desired correction. Should the condition of your vehicle warrant a more aggressive approach in general, or to correct previous work done with inappropriate methods or product - such as buffer swirls and trails, excessive product buildup around the badging and around and under panel edges we will point out and explain this to you as additional fees will occur. In general, a one polish correction will achieve approximately a 90%+ correction of general defects on a new or newer daily driver or occasional use vehicle. This is why we strongly suggest stopping by the shop if at all possible before your appointment for a consultation and plan of action so that you (and we!) will receive no surprises once your car arrives here to be cared for. The only option other than the level of correction needed is which finish is desired. We cannot discuss these issues without seeing your vehicle, so please take the following pricing as a generality. 

At The Shine Shop we offer what we feel is the best available finishes on the market today. The  coatings that we offer are only available through detailers that are certified or authorized by the manufacturer to install them, we have been chosen and extensively trained to be able to do so. We have tried almost everything out there and have chosen these coatings for their ability to not only make your vehicle look fantastic but to also give you the desired length of protection that you are looking for. We have researched the companies producing these great products and matched them with our business ideal of high quality not high quantity. They are not the biggest suppliers in the world, but we feel that they are more concerned, as we are, with the end product than in how much of the product they produce. 

How do you determine what is the correct finish for your car?

Many factors go into determining the correct finish to use on each vehicle which is why we greatly encourage you to stop by the shop and let Mike take a look! He can discuss with you the best plan of action incorporating what you have in mind with what is possible considering the present condition of your vehicle. 

While we feel that the coatings are generally going to replace synthetic waxes in the long run (just as synthetic wax has taken over from natural waxes) they are not for every vehicle.

The main determining factor is the condition of the paint to start with, generalities can be made from that, but are not always true. We have seen vehicles that are barely three months old that look more like three years old and vehicles that are ten years old but so well maintained they look new! However he must be able to determine that there is enough of the clear coat remaining on your vehicle to be able to affect proper correction.

With the coatings the correction of the surface is critical - they will greatly magnify any imperfection present. Mike may recommend that you not have a coating applied but choose a synthetic wax which will still give you great protection and not draw attention to any subtle flaws in the paint that can't be safely corrected. Some shops may coat every vehicle, but if the paint cannot be properly prepped and at least a 95% perfection achieved it is a total waste - why would you want to not only seal in but magnify all those swirls and scratches?

The second most critical determining factor is how you use and maintain your vehicle.

Is it a daily driver that is sitting on a parking lot all day or in your drive at home? Or is it garage kept at all times except for the occasional nice day ride or show? Do you maintain your car yourself with proper hand washes utilizing the two bucket method or run it through an automated car wash? Do you want to maintain the finish of your car more or less often? All of these factors will help determine which finish will be best suited for you and your vehicle.

The main advantage of choosing a coating finish over the synthetic wax finish is that the coatings significantly increase the durability of the protection to a matter of years not months before needing to be reapplied where synthetic waxes must be reapplied every 4 to 6 months to assure continued protection.

Do not let anyone sell you a 'waxed for life' product or tell you that coatings are water spot proof, bird bomb proof, scratch proof, bullet proof or any other kind of proof - they are not.

 The beauty of the coatings is that the coating is taking the abuse, becoming a 'sacrificial layer' of protection, it buys you time to get the bird droppings etc. off of it. If there is etching or small scratches from washing they are in the coating - NOT THE CLEAR COAT OF YOUR CAR - it is much easier (and less expensive!) to replace the coating on your vehicle after a few years than to have the clear coat replaced.

They are however highly hydrophobic - meaning that they want the water off of them as soon as possible. In fact some people have called us asking why their car wasn't 'beading up' like when they used wax. In actuality the less beading the better - beading causes water to lay on the surface of your vehicle until it dries which creates the water spots caused by deposits of whatever particulates were in the water. You want the water to 'sheet' from your car and be gone.

The glass like surface of the coatings will also let dust and other small particles blow by without getting caught up in them which lessens the need to wash them and they add extra hardness to your clear coat which makes them more resistant to washing scratches and micro marring that will give your finish that dull look. You must still maintain a coated vehicle just like a vehicle that has a synthetic wax finish only less often.

For maximum durability of your coating you should use the maintenance products designed specifically for your coating - all manufacturers have washes and water spot removers, as well as spray quick detailers formulated specifically for use with their coating.   

We can do the Maintenance Details for you here, or will happily teach you how to maintain it yourself and provide you with information on the correct products to use and where to get them. Please see our Coating Maintenance page for information on caring for your newly coated vehicle.

The third determining factor is what you want for your vehicle - what is most important to you? Long lasting protection? Great show car shine? Low maintenance? Or all of the above!

Please take a look at how a coating reacts with water!